About Me

I love books. Period.

I read mostly for fun. I am not a professional reviewer and my ratings/reviews express my overall enjoyment of the book, not its literary value (whatever that means). I am also a moody reader, so I might love a book one day and dislike it on a later reread - or vice versa.

Here's how I rate the books I read:

5 stars - I loved it! Highly recommended read.
4 stars - I really liked it. Recommended read.
3 stars - It was OK. You can take it or leave it.
2 stars - I didn't like it. Do not bother reading it.
1 star - I hated it! Avoid it like the plague.

And if you ever come upon me while I'm reading a book, remember this:

Having said that, do not take me seriously! I don't. :)

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