Authors Index

Adair, Cherry
Kiss and Tell

Adams, Zannie

Anderson, Catherine
Fancy Free (Three Weddings and a Kiss)

Anderson, Evangeline
Kidnapped for Christmas

Ashley, Jennifer
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

Balogh, Mary

Brockway, Connie
Bruhns, Nina
Carroll, Susan

Chase, Loretta
Croft, Sydney
 Riding the Storm

Dahl, Victoria

Dane, Lauren
Enoch, Suzanne

Featherstone, Charlotte

Feehan, Christine

Fetzer, Amy J.

Fielding, Liz
The Bride's Baby

Foster, Lori
Gael, Chevon
Hart, Megan

Havlir, Beverly

Hayes, Madison
Miss January

Heath, Lorraine
Texas Destiny

Holt, Desiree
Do You Trust Me?

Howard, Linda
Kill and Tell

Ivory, Judith

James, Eloisa

Kelley, Inez
LaBrecque, Jennifer
MacGregor, Kinley

March, Ava

March, Tatiana

Marvelle, Delilah

Matthews, Lena
Maxfield, Z.A.
Monroe, Lucy

Murray, Hannah

Nelson, Rhonda

Osborne, Maggie

O'Reilly, Kathleen
Touched by Fire

Parke, Graham

Parker, Olivia
At the Bride Hunt Ball

Piper, Autumn

Putney, Mary Jo
The Wild Child

Quick, Amanda

Sands, Lynsey
Stacey, Shannon

Stockton, Frances
Quarterback Blitz
Thompson, Vicki Lewis

Thorn, Lacey

Tyler, Stephanie

Unger, Lisa

Valentine, Lex

Walker, Shiloh

Windsor, Annie
Christmas to Remember

Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.
The Kiss (Three Weddings and a Kiss)

(Will I ever read a book by an author whose name starts with the letter "X"?)

Young, Amanda

Zane, Cora