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Review: "Murder Game" by Christine Feehan

Murder Game (GhostWalkers, #7)Murder Game by Christine Feehan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yes, the GhostWalkers are back with a vengeance in this latest installment in the series! I'd been dying to read Kadan's story since I met him in Shadow Game - the cold and quite badasses never fail to attract my attention, LOL - so I was more than happy when I finally got to read his book.

As the story begins, Kadan is assigned to identify and eliminate (aka kill) the assassin(s) responsible for several murders that seem to have been commited by one (or more) GhostWalkers. He trusts his fellow teammates, but he's advised to keep his mission secret and can't enlist their help because they're all considered suspects. But Kadan knows he has to solve the case fast if he wants to catch the assassin(s) before another murder is commited, so he tracks down Tansy Meadows in order to convince her to help him.

Tansy is, unbeknown to her, a GhostWalker too and another one of those girls Dr. Whitney experimented with some 20/25 years ago in his mad quest to create the perfect "supersoldier". (Side note: At some point, I'd like to see a normal human being as the hero or heroine in this series. It would be different and interesting to shake the "formula" up a bit.) Tansy's power is, she can "reach" and track anyone by simply touching an object that has been manipulated by that person, so Kadan hopes she'll be able to identify the assassin(s) through the several objects collected as evidence at each of the crime scenes. The problem is, Tansy has just recovered from a serious breakdown caused by the extensive use of her psychic powers and doesn't want to use them ever again. Naturally, Kadan never takes no for an answer and, before she knows it, Tansy is dragged into the "murder game" and running for her life...

This book was packed with some fast-paced action that had me biting my nails. CF really knows how to write gripping military action and, even though I knew the GhostWalkers would come out as winners in every single battle, it was exciting to read those scenes. The body count in this book was high but I didn't bat an eyelash, so I'm afraid I've become too bloodthirsty, LOL. Thankfully, I have a few months to regroup before the next book in the series is released in December.

As much as I enjoyed this read, 2 things prevented me from giving it a 5-star rating:

1. Kadan's extremely dominant behavior and Tansy's submisse attitude annoyed me. Don't get me wrong, I love a strong alpha hero as much as the next gal. But he has to be paired with an equally strong heroine to make it work for me. She doesn't have to be alpha, she can even be shy and timid, but she has to be able to stand up against him if necessary. I never felt that Tansy had any real chance to ever say no to Kadan, as she always "convinced" herself she wanted the same he did.

2. Too. Much. Sex! Yes, that's right. Kadan just couldn't keep it in his pants when Tansy was around, and she was always more than happy to oblige. When I found myself skimming through the last sex scenes so I could get back to the story, I knew there was something "wrong".

All in all, I really liked this book and plan to keep reading the series.

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