Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: "Tell It to the Marines" by Amy J. Fetzer

Tell It To The MarinesTell It To The Marines by Amy J. Fetzer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This anthology contains 3 novellas that had a similar premise: the hero is a Marine who's sent to rescue the heroine in some "exotic" location, the extraction doesn't go as smoothly as planned, they get separated from his team, and they fall in love while struggling to survive whatever danger they're in until they're back to civilization. Even so, each novella had its own "flavor" and the end result was uneven.

Hot Conflict (3 stars)

This story was OK and the H/h were nice, but I didn't feel a strong love connection between them. I couldn't fully understand why he stayed away from her for so long, why she never confronted him before and, worse, why she married someone else somewhere down the road. If fate hadn't intervened and put them face to face again after all those years apart, I don't think either would have tried to find the other and finally set things "right". They didn't love each other enough, IMHO.

Hot Landing Zone (4 stars)

Very good! This story would have been perfect if it wasn't for a not-so-bright action by the heroine at the beginning and an unnecessary self-sacrificing decision by the hero at the end. Thankfully, neither came close to being TSTL, but those 2 moments made me pause a little. All in all, that was just a small bump in this fairly smooth road.

Hot Target (5 stars)

The best! Very likable H/h, great dialogue, hot lovemaking, and fast paced action with one particular nerve-racking scene that almost destroyed my fingernails... My only complaint is, I wish this story was longer.

Final note: Those novellas aren't connected in any way. You can read them all in any order you choose, or read only one (or two) as you please.

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