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Review: "Pursuit" by Elizabeth Jennings

PursuitPursuit by Elizabeth Jennings

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm a fan of Lisa Marie Rice's work, so I'm glad to say that I also enjoyed my first read of her writing as Elizabeth Jennings.

Matt was the typical LMR hero: all it took was one look - at a distance, no less! - and he fell for Charlotte. From that moment on, he decided she was "the one" and, as soon as he was good and ready, moved in with her and went into full protective mode. Put it like that, one could think Matt was nothing more than a dominant and pushy alpha, but that would be wrong. He was actually sweet and romantic in his silent "courtship" of Charlotte, leaving those small gifts at her doorstep while giving both of them time to heal themselves before finally meeting. Awww...

Charlotte was a bit stronger than the typical LMR heroine, who's usually defenseless and totally dependent on the hero for her protection. Matt's help was most welcome, of course, but Charlotte actually had done a decent job escaping her hometown and taking care of herself before she met him. Did she manage to fool the assassin hired to track her down? No, but she gave him a good run for his money. Not to mention the final showdown... :)

There were a lot of scenes from the villains' POV, and I found myself skimming through some of them. Okay, I got the point, it was important to show what the villains were doing in their pursuit of Charlotte and how close they were to find her, but I didn't need a step-by-step account of their actions. I made the same "complaint" when I read book:Woman on the Run|922119] and I heard one of her Dangerous books, that I haven't read yet, has the same "problem", so I'm beginning to think LMR likes this writing style. I only wish she toned it down.

Note: Matt had a friend, Tom Reich, that I wouldn't mind seeing again. As of now, LMR hasn't written "his" book and, as far as I know, doesn't have immediate plans to do so, but one can only hope... ;)[

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