Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: "Carnal Ecstasy" by Lissa Matthews

Carnal EcstasyCarnal Ecstasy by Lissa Matthews

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Vegetables as sex toys? Nah, that is so passé. Beer bottles and pool cues are the hit of the moment, according to Dallon. Yikes!

The happy recipient of Dallon's creative sex plays is Carrie, a 30-year-old woman who's - finally! - gotten tired of living a sheltered life under the influence of her parents and is ready to break loose. Who's better than Dallon, a tattooed bar owner who once lived in the same lifestyle, to help her find her naughty and wild side?

As you may have guessed by the first paragraph above, Dallon and Carrie's affair was very, er, interesting. Dallon's imagination had no limits and Carrie was more than willing to play along with him. I have to say that I was a bit uncomfortable with some of their sexcapades, though. While Dallon was careful enough to use protection (at least, the first times) and clean the beer bottle before using it on Carrie, he didn't show the same concern when it came to the pool cue. I couldn't help thinking how many people had handled that pool cue before. Germophobic much, Dina?

I guess I paid too much attention to those details because I wasn't completely sold on Dallon and Carrie. Dallon was okay, but Carrie was annoying in her inconsistent innocence and bravado. I had a hard time believing that she'd been "brave" enough to lose her virginity, spend the night with boys and even experiment with kissing girls - all that without her parents' knowledge, of course - but had never had the courage to drink a latte or a cappuccino. Did she really think those drinks were more sinful than sex?!?

All things considered, this was still an okay read. I liked Dallon and the sex scenes (sans pool cue) were steamy hot. I didn't think Dallon and Carrie were "soulmates", though.

And just because I have to, here's something to erase the fugly cover from our minds:


How do you like "my" Dallon? I asked him to remove the guitar from his lap so I could take a better shot, but he said it's part of him - after all, he's the guitar player in the band. ;)

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