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Review: "The Highlander's Touch" by Karen Marie Moning

The Highlander's Touch (Highlander, #3)The Highlander's Touch by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now I understand why "everyone" loves this series! :)

Circenn Brodie is one of the most "delicious" heroes I've ever met. Truly tall, dark & handsome! The scene where Lisa finds him sleeping at her bedroom door had me melting into a puddle of love. It reminded me of a similar scene from Kinley MacGregor's Born in Sin and, come to think of it, Circenn's nickname was practically identical to MacGregor's hero's name in the same book, but I didn't mind it at all. I'm in love with Circenn and that's all that matters, LOL.

I liked Lisa too, but to a lesser extent - after all, who could top Circenn? :) Lisa was strong and brave, the perfect match for Circenn, and it was easy to relate to her indecision when she had to choose between staying with Circenn or going back to her mother. Seeing that her curiosity was the cause of her time-traveling in the first place, it was funny to see this trait of her pulling her into other "problematic" situations throughout the book.

I was never a big fan of time-travel stories, because you can really get "crazy" if you try to analyze all the possibilities behind this concept, but KMM made it work for me. When Circenn "explained" what could and what could not be changed when messing around with time-traveling, I was sold. "If one looks down the timeline, one can discern which things are irrevocable and should not be manipulated, and which things will make little difference." That said, I must admit to being slighlty annoyed with Circenn changing five years of Lisa's life in order to make everything - and I mean, everything - right and perfect for her. "Resurrecting" her father was a bit too much, IMHO. Anyway, if that was to prove how much Circenn loved Lisa, it was fine by me. :)

Despite all its "flaws", I loved this book and will definitely read the rest of the series!

Random thought: I'm a bit curious about Duncan Douglas, one of the secondary characters. There was a hint of something "good" about to happen to him, but no closure. I wonder if "his" story will be told later in the series.

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