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Review: "Arabian Pearl" by Emma Wildes

Arabian Pearl (Brothers of the Absinthe Club, #1)Arabian Pearl by Emma Wildes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Was there a story in this book? I'm still a bit confused...

From what I've gathered, the Absinthe Club is composed of an exclusive group of gentlemen who get together periodically (once a month?) to drink, smoke and gossip chat. Boys will be boys, as we all know, so it's no surprise when one of the Brothers (I don't remember which one, not that it matters) comes up with a new "discussion" topic: the most unforgettable sexcapade each has experienced. Robert St. Claire, Earl of Grayson, is the first one to tell his titillating story...

The guest of a foreign prince, Robert St. Claire is given a beautiful slave for his pleasure. Unusual customs aside, he finds himself in a terrible dilemma. Not only is she English, but the daughter of a friend. In order to rescue her from captivity, he must use her like a harem girl in every way possible...

Lady Celia Davenport has been abducted, sold into slavery, and now finds herself in the bed of an Infidel lord. If she gives him erotic pleasure with subservient eagerness, there is a glimmer of hope in her future. Anxious to escape, she finds that perhaps sexual servitude isn't the prison she once imagined...

I admit that the book description caught my interest. The plot was far from being groundbreaking, but the setup was good enough to make me accept the H/h's insta-f*cking - and that's a big selling point when it comes to an erotica/romantica book. As expected, Robert and Celia didn't waste any time being coy and jumped into bed the moment they were introduced. By "introduced", I mean she was taken to his bedroom and told he was her new master. No names were mentioned, and she was not to ask or answer any personal questions. She was there to give him pleasure, and that's what she did. Night after night, for two weeks. They were like rabbits on ecstasy!

As a reward, Celia was gifted an exquisite Arabian pearl for each orgasm she gave Robert. On their first night together, she received four pearls. Atta girl!


Yes, I know there are five pearls in the pic above. Consider the "extra" pearl as a special bonus, because it takes a truly amazing virgin to pull that off. I guess Celia was a natural at sex. Just to give you an idea, here's a small glimpse of what she had after two weeks with Robert:


Just do the math. ;)

While the sex scenes worked, I'm sorry to say that the romance didn't. The problem is, Robert and Celia never saw each other during the day or, to be more accurate, out of bed. Even though he knew her father, he had never met her before she was gifted to him and couldn't claim to know the simplest thing about her. That "gap" was never filled during their two-week affair because she wasn't allowed to speak freely, so when the world "love" was mentioned for the first time in the book, I couldn't help snorting in disbelief.

All in all, this was an okay read. Robert was a nice and honorable hero, truly concerned about Celia's safety. Celia was less engaging and I didn't connect with her, but that wasn't bad enough to ruin the book for me. I liked the sex scenes, even though I was unable to think of them as love scenes, and the ending was sweet. Books that leave me with a smile on my face can never be bad. :)

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