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Review: "Conspiracy Game" by Christine Feehan

Conspiracy Game (GhostWalkers, #4)Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really, really enjoyed this book! It's my favorite in the series so far, and Jack is just too yummy for words. :)

Jack was a very dark and tortured hero. A true "killing machine", he really didn't feel any remorse for the lives he took. None whatsoever. Anyone who dared to threaten him, someone he loved or something he believed in, deserved to die. It was that simple. He had a code of honor of his own, one that hardly anyone understood. People respected him, but no one liked him - except his brother Ken, that is.

That changed when he met Briony, of course. She was an overall nice and nonconfrontational heroine, which was a departure from the other heroines in the previous books in the series. Considering Jack's obsessive and dominant behavior towards her, I think it was a smart choice to have someone like her paired up with him. Not that she was a doormat or anything like that, she just knew she didn't have to fight him all the way up to get what she wanted.

The story was packed with a lot of action and had me sitting on the edge of the couch right from the start. There was so much going on - Jack escaping the rebels in Congo, setting up the destruction of their camp, meeting Briony, almost getting recaptured by the remaining rebels, having Briony save his life, seeking shelter and hiding in her room, asking her brother Jebediah for help, having sex with Briony, and finally hurting her on purpose and leaving with no intention of seeing her again -, I could hardly breathe. I think I was panting by the end of Chapter 5, LOL.

Chapter 6 was especially "delicious" for me. I got to revisit Lily and the GhostWalkers team, had fun with the usual easy banter between Gator and Flame (the H/h in Night Game, the previous book in the series), and thoroughly enjoyed the computer science tech-talk that explained how Dr. Whitney had been able to keep track of them... Oh yes, I believe the good doctor is alive!

After that small "respite", Briony found out she was pregnant, and fists and bullets were back to the story with a vengeance. Sooner than later, Briony realized that she needed Jack's help if she wanted to keep herself and her baby safe. And once he got her back in his life, there was nothing that would make him walk away from her again. Unfortunately, Jack had to conquer his demons first and, to make matters worse, Dr. Whitney was still after her...

If I have a minor complaint about this book is, its ending is quite abrupt: bullet shells and dead bodies were still hot on the ground while Jack, Briony, Ken and the GhostWalkers rescue team were flying away to Lily's house. I'm going to assume they got there safely, even though one can never bet on that considering how many times Dr. Whitney had managed to trick and track them before. Anyway, it was one heck of a way to get me really anxious to read Deadly Game, the next book in the series. I hope Ken's story is as good as his brother Jack's.

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