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Review: "Summer Heat" by Jaci Burton

Summer HeatSummer Heat by Jaci Burton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 1/2 stars

I like Ms. Burton straightforward writing style - not that I've read many books by her - and the premise of this book sounded very interesting, so I willingly chose it to get over my smut reading funk.

It started out well... Aidan, the hero, was one naughty, yummy bad boy who could raise up my temperature anytime, anywhere, and Melissa, the heroine, was a cool, controlled and seemingly no-nonsense woman who was most likely to melt under Aidan's pursuit. The sexual chemistry between them was off the charts and their intense foreplay was scorching hot... at first. When Melissa started going back and forth on the way she felt about Aidan, that foreplay became irritating and all I wanted to do was bitch slap her and tell her to stop being such a c*ck tease. She came to her senses eventually, but before I could sigh in relief, it was Aidan's turn to feel unsure about what he wanted. Man, what a turnoff! Then, to add insult to injury, a Big Misunderstand was thrown in the mix when Melissa, after overhearing bits and pieces of a conversation between Aidan and his mother, jumped to the wrong conclusion - obviously! - and refused to hear what he had to say. Oh please, just kill me, will you?

Now, you must be wondering why I gave this book 3 1/2 stars, considering how much the plot annoyed me... Well, I'm ashamed to say that it was for the sex, LOL. I really liked Aidan and Melissa's bone-melting foreplay, it was only when they weren't setting each other on fire that I was irritated. Since this is an erotica/romantica book, I think it's fair to give it a bonus point for the sex scenes.

And just because I can't help it, here's "my" Aidan:


If you read the book, you'll understand why he's so deliciously wet...

So, my recommendation is: read it for the smut and forget the plot. ;)

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