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Review: "Lord Perfect" by Loretta Chase

Lord Perfect  (Carsington Brothers, #3)Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was exceedingly Difficult for me to write This Review. Nonetheless, I must bow to a greater Necessity: To Express how much I loved this Book. I know I risk failing to convey my Opinion as well as I wish, but be assured that I have tried to do My Best.

Benedict Carsington, VISCOUNT RATHBOURNE, is the Heir to the EARL OF HARGATE and an acknowledged Paragon. He is always perfectly attired, his manners are impecable and his behavior is above reproach. He lives by a set of Rules that has been instilled into his mind since the Day he was Born, and he is completely devoted to fulfill his Family's and Country's Expectations. He even takes upon himself the Responsability of raising his thirteen-year-old Nephew and Godson Peregrine Dalmay, EARL OF LISLE and sole issue of Benedict's deceased wife's brother, the MARQUESS OF ATHERTON. It is an indisputable Fact that Peregrine is better off with his Esteemed Uncle. Not that the MARQUESS and the MARCHIONESS OF ATHERTON do not love their offspring. They do, but they are too ghastly Emotional to deal with him. Peregrine needs Logic, Calm and Rules to thrive. All the things that only his Esteemed Uncle can provide. Benedict Carsington, VISCOUNT RATHBOURNE, never does anything wrong. He is LORD PERFECT... until Fate places Mrs. Bathsheba Wingate in his life.

Tragic Circumstances have made Bathsheba and, by consequence, her twelve-year-old daughter Olivia Lepers and Outcasts from the Great World to which Benedict belongs. Much to her dismay, Bathsheba was Born in the ramshackle branch of the respectable DeLucey family. The Dreadful DeLuceys, as those who are born in that branch of the family are known, are thoroughly Disreputable - and Proud of it. Bathsheba has never followed in her swindling parents' footsteps, but Society always visits the the sins of the Elders upon the Children. Her status as a Leper and an Outcast did not change when she married Jack Wingate, the younger son of the EARL OF FOSBURY. His parents cut him off when they failed to call the wedding off, but that did not prevent Bathsheba and Jack from living Happilly Ever After for twelve years, until a Tragic Accident took his life. Since then, Bathsheba has been struggling to support herself and her Cunning Daughter as best as she can, working as an artist and a drawing teacher.

When Fate makes Bathsheba cross paths with Benedict, their Meeting leaves a most Forceful Impression upon both of them - and their respective Children. Until the Family Curse is lifted Bathsheba is Aware that Nothing can come out of that Forceful Impression, since Benedict is a Respectful member of the Great World and she is one of the Infamous Dreadful DeLuceys, but Sweet Olivia is full of Ideas and has the Audacity of involving Peregrine in her Schemes. When an Unexpected Event takes place and Matters Reach a Crisis, Olivia decides that there is Not a Moment to Lose: she must Depart on her Quest AT ONCE and find the Hidden Family Treasure that will bring her Mama the Happiness she deserves. Stoic and Responsible Peregrine tries to stop Stubborn Determined Olivia but ends up joining her on her Mad Quest.

Needless to say, Benedict and Bathsheba run after their Reckless Children as soon as they find out what has happened. As Circumstances force Benedict and Bathsheba to spend time together, he takes the Liberty of telling her how greatly he admires her. In response, she reveals that she admires him too. Since a gentleman never contradicts a lady, Benedict has no option but to conclude that the admiration is mutual... and act on it. One day the Family Curse'shall be lifted, and then Unfortunately, there can be no future for their Affair. He is bound to the Expectations of his Family and his Country, and she does not want to be the cause of Dissent between him and his Family. Only a Miracle could give them the HEA they deserve. Or, perhaps, one of Olivia's Ideas...

Oh, this was such a Delightful Read! Everything was PERFECT: the (main and secondary) characters, the plot, the dialogues, the ROMANCE, the (HOT) love scenes... I must say that I usually dislike the presence of Children in Romance novels, as they are either annoyingly cute or unbelievably mature, but Peregrine and Olivia were Charming, Intelligent and, most Important, Essencial to the story.

As I mentioned on the Introduction of This Review, I fear I have not the necessary skills to convey the Greatness of This Book. Merely saying "I loved it" is too simple - and yet, it is the true Expression of my Feelings. I am much obliged to Ms. Chase for writing such a vastly interesting and entertaining book, and I am truly happy to add this Treat to my Keepers shelf.

I am most curious to learn about Benedict's youngest brother Darius and WHAT IS TO BE DONE ABOUT HIM. I don't know what needs doing, as I have seen very little of him so far. Olivia thinks of him as the Elusive Uncle, for he's never about. But then, he is a Bachelor, and they lead unsettled lives.

I also look forward to the day when Olivia becomes a Bachelor, as she should like to live an unsettled life. I know she has thought about the future a great deal and has several Ideas. I wonder if the Great World is ready for them her.

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