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Review: "Different Suits" by Carol Lynne

Different Suits (Poker Night, #4)Different Suits by Carol Lynne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Poker Night series features a group of 6 gay men (Zac, Bobby, Trey, Angelo, Marco and Kent) who have been friends for almost 4 years and get together to play poker, drink beer and have fun every other Saturday. As the series starts, they're all single, but it's obvious that each of them is destined to find their HEA as the series progresses.

The 4th book in the series, Different Suits, is Angelo's story and picks up about a month after Pocket Pair ended.

Angelo Pilato is the odd man out among the selected group of poker buddies. He's a successful radio station's sales manager, he's always well-dressed in expensive clothes, drives a Mercedes, owns a beautiful house and only drinks "that flavored pussy beer" (as his friends call the Mexican beer he favors). He isn't a snob, he's just determined to live a life as different as possible from the one he had while growing up as a poor boy.

Police Detective Juan "Moody" Torrence is nothing like the type of man Angelo finds interesting, and vice versa. He grew up in the same kind of neighborhood as Angelo's, but he isn't as obsessed with financial security as the other man. Angelo and Moody met in the previous book, when Moody was assigned to Trey's rape case, and butted heads right from the start. It was obvious that there was something going on there, but neither acted on it... until a homophobic reverend starts harassing Angelo and threatening his life. Moody is called to the rescue, and the rest is history...

Angelo has never been a favorite character of mine in the previous books in the series, but that isn't why I had problems with this book. The thing is, Angelo and Moody were complete opposites and didn't fit together. I like opposites-attract stories, but I need to feel that the H/H complement each other and that didn't happen here. The sexual chemistry was there, but not the love.

That said, this was still an OK read, saved by the secondary characters. I love those guys' friendship and how they're always there for each other, no matter what. I wish they were my friends. :)

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