Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: "Angel's Master" by Sandra Sookoo

Angel's MasterAngel's Master by Sandra Sookoo

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I keep reading freebies from unknown-to-me authors in the distant hope of finding a hidden winner. I'm sad to say Angel's Master wasn't one.

Ethan Williams is a pirate - a romance book pirate, that is. He bathes and shaves regularly, his teeth are perfect, his sweat smells wonderful and, if that isn't enough, he's an anonymous philanthropist. Of course, his men are another story altogether, but who cares about smelly, toothless secondary pirates, right? LOL!

Jacqueline Massey is a reluctant American Navy spy, whose job is to uncover suspected pirates. She feels guilty about tricking those "poor men" and sending them to the gallows, but a girl's gotta do what her father demands - or so she's been told.

When Ethan and Jacqueline meet, the attraction between them is undeniable and before she knows it, she finds herself as a captive on his ship. Does he want to bed her? Duh! Does she put up a fight? Not really. And so it goes... until the unexpected twist near the end of the story comes and leaves utterly speechless. I don't think I'll ever understant what that was all about.

Naturally, the "crazy" ending had some influence on my 2-star rating, but that wasn't the only thing I didn't like in this book. Ethan and Jacqueline were okay - I mean, they had likable traits - but I didn't connect with them. Their interactions didn't ring true, their dialogues were unrealistic, their love scenes left me cold and I didn't see how they could have fallen in love in such short notice.

So, where did all that leave me? Pretty disappointed and unsatisfied, and the best thing I can say about this read is, I didn't hate it.

Note: This ebook was a gift from All Romance Ebooks. That had no influence on my review/rating.

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