Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: "Texas Destiny" by Lorraine Heath

Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy, #1)Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love tortured heroes, and Houston was as tortured as one can be. Slighted (to put it mildly) by his father since childhood, he was forced to fight in the Civil War at the tender age of twelve, only to lose half his face, his eye, and hearing in one ear three years later. The way he saw it, his life was over by the time he was fifteen years old. Now, thirteen years later, he still wonders why he didn't put an end to it. Houston had all the markings to make me want to cuddle him and never let go but, unfortunately, it didn't work that way. The problem was, I love tortured and strong heroes who, once they realize they're in love with the heroine, at least try to overcome his fears and fight for her. Houston pretty much hid in the corner and let Amelia go.

As for Amelia, she was practically a saint but, like Houston, she wasn't one to fight for what she wanted. She accepted her marriage to Dallas, Houston's brother, with such calm that I grinded my teeth in frustration. And her asking Houston about what would happen on her wedding night with his brother?!? That was so insensitive! The worst thing was, he answered her question and even tried to reassure her! I still wonder how those two ended up together, since both were so intent on letting the other go. I guess it was their destiny.

This was my first book by Lorraine Heath and I liked her writing style. But I'm sorry to say, I was disappointed with the story. A friend of mine gave me the whole Texas trilogy, along with high praises about the books, so I'm already bracing myself to let her know I'm not too thrilled about reading the next books in the series. I'll probably read them because I'm curious about Houston's brothers, but that won't be happening soon.

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