Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: "All About Men" by Shannon McKenna

All About MenAll About Men by Shannon McKenna

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The 1st story, Something Wild, was good but a bit scary. I mean, Jacob acted like a stalker most (if not all) of the time and I thought Annie should've been more careful around him. Good thing she fell in love with him, because she wouldn't have been able to get rid of him otherwise.

The 2nd story, Meltdown, was really good. It had the markings to push me the wrong way - the insta-f*cking and the insta-HEA (Mac and Jane were "in love" less than 12 hours after first meeting each other and were engaged a few days later!) - but SM made it work. Besides having a lot of sex, Mac and Jane really talked to each other and I believed they were going to be good together in the long run. Oh, and I loved the scene where Jane kinda "scared" Mac sexually, because it took some of the edge off of him and put them on the "same ground", so to speak.

The 3rd story, Touch Me, was the weakest. I didn't like either Jonah or Tess very much. Jonah, I couldn't trust him after he lied to get her into his beach house and I really didn't buy his "excuse". As for Tess, she was just an emotional mess and I couldn't care less. In the end, I think they deserved each other.

My recommendation: don't buy this book, get it from the library, read the 2nd story and forget the other 2. The stories aren't related, so you won't miss anything by doing that.

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