Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: "Letters to a Secret Lover" by Toni Blake

Letters to a Secret LoverLetters to a Secret Lover by Toni Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my only 1st book by Toni Blake, an author that almost all of my trusted reading friends love, and now I wonder why I'd waited so long. Maybe I was afraid of the high expectations raised by their praise, maybe I didn't want to find a new (to me) author to play havoc with my book budget, maybe I'm just too darn slow to catch up... ;)

What can I say? I adored this book! It made me smile, laugh, sigh and even shed some tears. Rob and Lindsey were amazing characters and I couldn't help loving them to pieces. They were both flawed and had to do a lot of learning and growing throughout the story, but I never got mad at their mistakes. In fact, I could relate to them, which made them much more real to me. And their love scenes... Boy, oh boy! Ms. Blake sure knows how to steam things up. Where can I find my own Rob? I'm already like Lindesy - I don't cook naked and don't wear animal-print clothes, but I can be self-centered and high-maintenance, I blabber when I'm nervous, I hiked in high heels once - don't ask, LOL! - and I wear jewel-encrusted flip-flops (mine are black, not white). I'm willing to cook naked and fill my closet with animal-print clothes and accessories, just tell me where I can find my Rob, LOL.

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

Confession time: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned... I skimmed the last pages of the book before starting to read it. Why? Because I needed to know there was a true HEA waiting for me. I didn't want to invest my (not so precious) time rooting for Rob and Lindsey throughout the whole book, only to have him reunited with his "secret lover" and her having a HFN with some other unsuspected guy - or worse, getting back together with her idiot ex-fiancé - in the end. Once relieved and satisfied with the HEA, I went back and started to read the book properly. :)

***** END SPOILER *****

As I read what I wrote above to check for grammar/spelling errors, I noticed that this is one of the worst "reviews" I've written, as I couldn't stop gushing about Rob, Lindsey and myself (LOL) and didn't say anything about the story. Oh well, there are already tons of great reviews of this book, I'm feeling lazy and don't want to rewrite my "review". So there, this is my official review and I'm sticking to it, LOL.

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