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Review: "Tooth and Nailed" by Hannah Murray

Tooth and NailedTooth and Nailed by Hannah Murray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like Ms. Murray's funny writing, but it didn't work for me in this book. As I've mentioned before, I have a hard time with "funny" PNR books. I don't know why because I don't have the same problem with other genres (CR, HR, UF, etc.), but that's how I'm wired.

The plot of this book is simple: Jack Donnelly is the security chief of Simon Ewans, one of the richest, most socially active and politically vocal men on the planet. Simon's daughter Rowan is a kindergarten teacher who, having grown up surrounded by bodyguards, cherishes the freedom of not having someone breathing down her neck 24/7 now that she no longer lives with her father. Rowan has avoided Jack for years, aware that his dominant ways might turn her hard-won independence to dust, but when her life is threatened by one of her father's enemies, she has no choice but to fall under Jack's protective custody. The rest is history, as we all know what happens in Romancelandia when a hot, yummy man and a beautiful, (un)willing woman are put together in close quarters. Yes, you've got it: lots and lots of steamy, mind-blowing sex! ;)

That alone would be enough to make this book an enjoyable read, but Ms. Murray had to throw a curve ball: Jack is a vampire! I have nothing against vampires, but *starts rant* please, oh please, don't make them look like long-living human beings with added strength and a few "idiosyncrasies". Jack wasn't immortal, took melanin tablets to avoid sunburn and drank blook from a packet, for crying out loud! Why, oh why did he have to be a vampire? The plot was good enough without that. *ends rant*

Forgetting the fact that he was a vampire, I loved Jack. He was charming, funny and dominant without being domineering. He was also a hot, sexy love machine, but who cares about that? ;) As for Rowan, I really liked her too. She was smart, spunky and sassy. She gave as good as she got, but she wasn't TSTL: once she understood the threat on her life, she never tried to sneak away from Jack's protection - not even when she was bored to the bone in their little hideaway. Kudos for her!

The villain and the suspense didn't work that well for me. Stephen Job - I refuse to make a comment on that name, LOL - was a one-dimensional, stupid villain. He didn't scare me one bit, and the "big" secret he revealed in the end made me roll my eyeballs.

Overall, this wasn't a bad read. I enjoyed the funny banter between Jack and Rowan - some were even ROFL moments - and I plan to read more books by Ms. Murray. I just have to make sure they aren't PNR. In my book, PNR and humor hardly go well together.

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