Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: "Royal Betrayal" by Nina Bruhns

Royal Betrayal (Silhouette Intimate Moments)Royal Betrayal by Nina Bruhns

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the publisher:


She was the king's private physician. Until the explosion tore through the royal palace, leaving Zara Smith with disturbing visions and no memory. A risky place to be in a sovereignty rife with intrigue and danger in the form of one roguishly sexy doctor with an irresistible bedside manner...

Famed medical consultant Walker Shaw was thrilled when his new patient turned out to be the passionate blue blood with whom he'd shared an unforgettable night seven years before. Walker was determined to reignite Lady Zara's memories of their connection and prove to his once and future lover that dreams could come true...

This was only an OK read to me. Walker and Zara were nice and likeable enough, but I didn't connect with them because I never fully understood why either stayed away from the other for 7 years. Pressing agendas? Sorry, I didn't buy it. Different goals in life? That was more like it, but that hadn't changed over the years. So why pursue a relationship now?

Also, I felt kind of lost in the story sometimes. I knew this book was part of a multi-author series, but I didn't think it would be necessary to read the previous books. Based on my experience, this kind of series doesn't usually require that. As it was, I can't say whether my "confusion" would have been cleared if I had read the previous books, or whether Ms. Bruhns's writing was lacking.

This isn't the last book in the series and the overall mystery that connects all the books was left unresolved, as expected. I'm not curious enough to keep reading the series to find out how it ends, though.

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