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Review: "Unwrapped" by Megan Hart

UnwrappedUnwrapped by Megan Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I knew beforehand that this story is kind of a sequel to Taking Care of Business and No Reservations, which I haven't read, but I decided to go ahead and read it anyway because I like stories featuring married couples.

The book description is good enough so I won't bother reinventing the wheel. Here it is:

Newlyweds Leah and Brandon Long are finally taking a honeymoon. But just a few days into their Christmas-in-Vail vacation, Leah takes a tumble on the slopes, severely spraining her ankle. Being stuck indoors isn't so bad though: the luxurious chalet boasts a hot tub and cozy fireplace. Besides, sitting with her feet up while Brandon serves her in every way a man can serve a woman is exactly how both of them like to spend their time.

Leah would be in heaven, if only Brandon didn't insist on playing with the dynamic of their relationship. With kinky sex and deep conversation the only things on the agenda, Leah can't avoid the discussion of how things might change. Will she be ready to take their marriage to the next level in the New Year?

This was a nice quick read, but I think I should have waited and read the previous books beforehand. I didn't feel lost and I understood the dynamics of Brandon and Leah's relationship without a problem, but I didn't connect with them. They were likable enough and their love scenes were hot - or would have been if I had formed a true connection with them - but that was it.

Brandon and Leah's standard bedroom play had a D/s dynamic, with Leah as dominant and Brandon as submissive, but a tentative experiment in role reversal proved to be just as interesting...


All in all, this was an okay read and it got me interested in reading the previous books. I'll probably revisit this story after I read them, and we shall see how I feel about it then.

Note: This story is also available in Naughty and Nice anthology.

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